SILVIA FEDERICI, international feminist scholar and activist





MARY MATTINGLY, environmental artist and creator of the WATERPOD, an eco-sustainable floating habitat exploring the waters of New York Harbor



RENEE RIDGWAY, Amsterdam-based artist, writer, educator and co-initiator of the collective online platform n.e.w.s.






MARY MATTINGLY, environmental artist and creator of the WATERPOD, an eco-sustainable floating habitat exploring the waters of New York Harbor




In addition to her presentation on “Sustainable Architectures,” Saturday at 12:00pm, NYC-based artist Mary Mattingly will be the first artist to inhabit the TECHNE TREKKER, a sustainable multi-use mobile vehicle outfitted with solar panels, a rainwater collection system and broadcast capabilities. In the TECHNE TREKKER, Mary will be offering skill shares on wearable architectures created from recyclables and instruction on how to create simple DIY rainwater collection systems and food gardens.

DISORIENTALISM, a collaboration between Asian-American artists Katherine Behar and Marianne M. Kim, that studies the disorienting effects of technologized labor, junk culture, and consumerism


At the Friday night reception at 6:00pm, join the Disorientals in fast food Wendy’s Brown Bag factory, where the mismatch of material and immaterial labor, industrial and post-industrial production, work and game, self and commodity plays out on the factory floor. It’s live video gaming at it’s finest!

L.M. BOGAD, author, performer, professor of political performance at U.C. Davis and the founding Director of the Center for Artistic Activism/West Coast


Party with California artist L.M. Bogad Saturday night at Hardware. L.M. will perform “ECONOMUSIC: Keeping Score,” a live performance in which economic data from our everyday lives and ongoing global crisis are converted into absurd neoDadaist music.

LAURA CURRY, practitioner of socially engaged art and the Rest Stop Bike Repair Shop



Join Buffalo’s own Laura Curry on a bike date during the urban tours Friday from 11:00am-1:00pm and Sunday from 10:00am-12:00pm. “Bike Date” is a bicycle ride built for two (and sometimes more). Through the construction of a “date,” or rather an accompanied bicycle ride, the cycling experience as both leisure and transportation is uncovered by engaging the roadway as a social space. If you can’t make those times, Laura will be available for a bike date throughout the colloquium. She has a bike for you if you didn’t bring your own. Contact her at bikelove0@gmail(dot)co


FRITS ABELL, entrepreneur, founder of the Buffalo Expat Network (BEN) and founder/producer of the echo Art Fair in Buffalo
SARAH BAY-CHENG, University at Buffalo professor of Theatre and director of the Technē Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies

ELIZABETH FLYNTZ, independent curator and Program Officer of Artists’ Fellowships at NYFA

MICHAEL FRISCH, oral historian and SUNY Buffalo professor of history

MICHAEL GAINER, president of ReUse Action

ANDREW HERSCHER, author of “The Unreal Estate Guide to Detroit” and University of Michigan professor of Architecture

JORDAN GEIGER, University at Buffalo professor of Architecture

MIRIAM PAESLACK, author of “Ineffably Urban: Imaging Buffalo” and University at Buffalo professor of Arts Management

SAMINA RAJA, University at Buffalo professor of Urban and Regional Planning focused on food justice and healthy communities

CLAIRE SCHNEIDER, independent curator and director of CS1 Curatorial Projects

CAROLYN TENNANT, Media Arts Director, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center

MARION WERNER, University at Buffalo professor of Geography focused on Latin America and Caribbean production networks


BREADHIVE WORKER COOPERATIVE BAKERY, catalyzing solidarity economies in Buffalo by building networks of support between small business, education, finance, and policy makers.

BUFFALO BARN RAISERS, people who do stuff!

BUFFALO GREEN CODE, John Fell, Project Manager, a place-based development strategy

COALITION FOR ECONOMIC JUSTICE (CEJ)Micaela Shapiro-Shellaby, Organizing Director, promoting economic justice through building strong, diverse, sustainable communities

CLEAN AIR COALITION OF WESTERN NY, Natasha Soto, Community Organizer, a community-based organization informing and organizing residents to prevent and reduce pollution

FARMER PIRATESDan Ash, farmer, cooperative of urban farmers in Buffalo

FOOD NOT BOMBS BUFFALO, working against poverty and hunger in the Buffalo area

FOUNDRY, a multi-functional space for new ideas and creative action in Buffalo

GO BIKE BUFFALO, Justin Booth, Executive Director, sustainable transportation options

GRASSROOTS GARDENS, Melissa Fratello, Executive Director, enables community-led efforts to revitalize the city and enhance quality of life through the creation and maintenance of community gardens

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF BUFFALO, Eve Wilson, Employment Program Coordinator, creating employment opportunities for refugees

MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE PROJECT (MAP)Rebekah Williams, Youth Education Director, promoting local economic opportunities, access to affordable, nutritious food and social change education

PUSH BUFFALO (People United for Sustainable Housing), Aaron Bartley, Executive Director and Co-Founder, a local membership-based community organization fighting to make affordable housing a reality on Buffalo’s West Side

SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER, SUNY Buffalo State, Andrew Delmonte, Social Enterprise Coordinator

SUGAR CITYAimee Buyea, member, an arts collaborative in Buffalo hosting Sunday Soup

WASH PROJECT, Zaw Win, founder of West Side Art Strategy Happenings, an innovative laundromat/community arts space