Faculty Fellows 2012-2013

The Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies selected the following projects for the 2012-2013 inaugural Techne Institute Fellows. The faculty fellowships are designed to support new and ongoing projects at the intersection of the arts and technology at the University at Buffalo in collaboration with colleagues across UB and beyond.


Marc Böhlen (Media Study) and Christopher Lowry (Geology)

PublicFrackCheck proposes a crowd-sourced ground data collection, analysis and dissemination framework to support 21st debate on hydraulic fracturing in New York State.

Beau-Fleuve (You Are Here)

Jordan Geiger (Architecture)

Beau-Fleuve is a media architecture installation, workshop and website that map the intense mixture of immigrant and refugee paths to the flows of environmental, political, legal and economic turbulence that now catalyze urban and global shifts.

Project MIST

Lynne Koscielniak (Theatre & Dance) and Dyan Burlingame (Theatre and Dance)

Project MIST proposes a site-specific event at Niagara Falls that uses the mist as a canvas for moving image and light, and satellite exhibits of augmented reality and movement, to reveal history in an ephemeral presentation that questions Niagara’s fate.

A Field Guide for the New Millennium

Teri Rueb (Media Study) and Peter del Tredici (Harvard)

A Field Guide for the New Millennium transforms botanist Peter del Tredici’s database of “Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast” into a locative media project (delivered via mobile phone) that animates, through a suggestive sonic overlay, the botany of urban environments as concrete and metaphoric ciphers for future conviviality between humans, animals, machines and the natural environment.

Funding for the Techne Fellows is provided by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Provost’s 3E Fund.