Faculty Fellows

Each year the Techne Institute for Arts and Emerging Technologies awards fellowships to support UB faculty research projects at the intersection of art and technology. The following projects were awarded funding for 2013-14.

Digital Choreographic Lineage

Melanie Aceto (Theater and Dance)

The Digital Choreographic Lineage initiative seeks to establish an interactive web-based genealogical network illustrating connections between modern dance artists, their teachers, their students, their collaborators and people who influenced them.

Improvising Consciousness Webinar

Joshephine Anstey (Media Study)

Improvising Consciousness Webinar (IMPCONWEB) is a web-based seminar comprising short videos and cognitive game activities that address questions of situated consciousness, and pre- & post-human identity.

Augmented Craft

Michael Silver (Architecture and Planning)

Augmented Craft is a
four-legged peripatetic robot capable of autonomous mobility across difficult terrain. This co-robotic platform will help masons build complex, non-standard masonry structures quickly, cheaply and with greater efficiency while reducing hard manual labor.

Funding for the Techne Fellows is provided by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Provost’s 3E Fund.