Structures of Digital Feeling
Colloquium of Artists and Scholars in the Digital Age

March 27-28, 2015

Friday 3.30pm – 8pm Opening Performances and Reception
Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center

Saturday 10am – 6pm Keynotes and Panels
University at Buffalo


Keynote Lectures by Annie Dorsen, Jonathan Kalb, & Greg Seigworth
Performances by Ryan Holspple of 31Down and the Digital Dramaturgy Lab (DDL) from the University of Toronto and York University

Departing from Raymond Williams’s notion of “a structure of feeling,” this colloquium considers digital culture’s characteristic affects, genres, spectatorial habits, and modes of thought—its “characteristic elements of impulse, restraint, and tone,” in Williams’s formulation—as manifested in contemporary art and culture. How have architecture, visual art, literature, dance, and performance been subtly transformed by the layering of new relations on old expectations? To borrow Sianne Ngai’s phrase, does digital culture have symptomatic “aesthetic categories”? Or, more simply, What new modes of experience has the digital age inaugurated, and how have these new ways of thinking, feeling, and perceiving permeated culture and shaped artistic and literary forms?

“Structures of Digital Feeling” is a two-day colloquium that will convene fruitful conversations across disciplines by curating seminars in which scholars from different fields of study—both from UB and outside—will address similar questions and provocations. Keynote addresses from noted media scholars will anchor the program. We plan to stage events at the UB North Campus.

Full schedule available here